Insight: The education of General Buhari

Insight: The education of General Buhari

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 11:18 pm

A response by Washington based Dr. M.K. Hassan to PDP secretary, Professor Wale Oladipo’s attack on the APC Presidential candidate, Maj. General Muhammadu Buhari, as a ‘semi-literate jackboot’

” I was shocked to read a press statement from Wadata Plaza issued by a so called Professor Wale Oladipo, secretary of the PDP, saying that General Muhammadu Buhari is a semi-literate jackboot. It is no wonder that our education system has fallen so low, else how can one explain a professor making such a statement?

How did Wale Oladipo become a professor to start with? It is quite astonishing that he can say this. The professor doesn’t seem to understand the basic rudiments of learning and what it means for one to be literate or not.

Buhari: Colin Powell attended Buhari's school

Buhari: Colin Powell attended Buhari’s school

Buhari attended the best military schools in the world. In case the professor doesn’t know, Buhari graduated as a military officer (Lieutenant) in Royal Military Academy, Aldeshot UK. He attended the Defense College India. Col Buhari attended the US Army War College Carlisle in Pennsylvania from 1979 -1980 and earned his command as a Brigadier General.

The respected General Collin Powel attended the same school in 1976 to become Brigadier General. Some of Buhari’s classmates include General Beltson, General Thomas P Carney, General Bill Matz, General David E.K. Cooper etc. all of them are alive and can be reached and they will give glowing tributes of the man, Buhari, they know as their classmate.

Anyone interested in verifying Buhari’s academic credentials can write the school instead of reading jargon from a deranged Wadata Plaza Professor of Politics of Destruction Party (PDP). I have checked Google Scholar hoping that Prof. Wale Oladipo’s name and publications will show up and nothing is showing up, that says a lot about him as a Professor than Buhari as a retired decorated General who served his country so well and has not claimed any scholarship.

The curriculum at the U.S. Army War College earns one a Masters Degree in Strategic Studies and that is what Buhari has.

For somebody to claim that a graduate of such a prestigious school is semi-literate, means something is very wrong with that person’s brain. By all academic and military standards, Buhari’s education is superb and the best any general can get in the world. Therefore, for Wale Oladipo to claim Buhari is semi-illiterate speaks volumes about his understanding of what education is even all about. The unlearned professor thinks education is about earning paper degrees only, and even if it was the case, Buhari has them from the most respected military institutions in the world.

General Muhammadu Buhari has the kind of military strategic education and experience to deal a decisive blow on Boko Haram and end the insecurity challenges facing Nigeria. Buhari is the only army officer with the opportunity to command 3 out of 4 Nigeria’s army divisions as a GOC.

In 1983, when rebels from Chad took over our land, seizing more than 19 villages (much like what the Boko Haram is doing now), Major General Buhari led a successful operation as the GOC to push back the Chadian rebels and reclaim our territory.

In 1984, when the Maitatsine sect decided to declare war on Nigeria like what Boko Haram is doing now, Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari wasted no time in crushing them. Boko Haram is a descendant of the Maitatsine sect with the same extremist ideology and anti-western education philosophy. It is surely President Buhari that will be able to handle them: eliminating these terrorists when he comes to power like he did before. Muhammadu Buhari as a captain fought in the Congo Civil War and won the Congo Medal. He was there during our civil war to bring peace and keep Nigeria one. That is true patriot: a man that gave his life to another country not only his fatherland.

Since the goons in Wadata Plaza have started the literacy debate, it is very appropriate to ask them that they produce Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s Ph.D thesis and publications in renowned journals. Goodluck’s speeches, attitude, and interviews with international media don’t portray him as a Ph.D holder. His past interview with Christiane Amanpour was quite embarrassing; he couldn’t even make eye contact with her. Nigerians are eager to read his thesis and publications.

In conclusion, it is obvious to all Nigerians that the PDP government and its illiterate professor are only interested in playing dirty politics with the lives and properties of Nigerians. Nigerians now need Buhari, a man with international military education and experience, a seasoned administrator with zero tolerance for corruption to end this insecurity, bring prosperity, and place Nigeria at the seat it deserves in the comity of nations.

*Dr. MK Hassan writes in from Washington D.C.


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  • Godwin Ebong says:

    Buhari is a semi literate fellow. Let’s call a spade a spade. The man is not articulate, he is uninspiring and his accent when speaking English is pathetic. I pity Nigeria as a country and believe that the quality of Buhari as a president speeks volume about the standard held by Nigerians of her leaders. Very low standard.

  • milo says:

    Please i question Buhari,s military education and his anti corruption .The problem with Africa is that we have not under gone renaissance.Dr Mk Hassan is clearly showing sectionalism.He named all the classmate of Buhari and how educated Buhari is from top world military college.I have a question for Dr M K Hassan.The question is of all the personality you mentioned have any of them over throw democratically elected government?That is where Buharis education is not effective that is exactly why some people question wether western education is good for Africans.If collin powell you mentioned had tried to over throw American government he will be serving life imprisonment. Buhari talks of indiscipine he overthrew his Boss president Shehu Shagari what indiscipline is more than that.In South Korea all military officers that took part in coup was charged with violation of military code of conduct of obeying last command and all were sentenced to life imprisonment. Buhari and all other Nigerian coup plotters belongs to prison because they all committed a crime.This is why Africa will never develop because we keep deceiving ourselves and putting disgraced people as national leaders. CAN SOME BODY WHO IS NOT DISCIPLINED ,DISCIPLINE OTHERS? Dr M K Hassan talks about Goodluck not looking at an American woman ,that is cultural issue ok.Buhari have showed incapability in leadership, he was having a gun or rather guns and he was overthrown by a junior officer who is indisciplined like him ,if Buhari with all his degree in strategic studies cannot contain his junior officers that overthrew him like a woman how or what knowledge will he use to deal with BOKO HARAM. Buhari should go and seat down he is a very good example of what is wrong with Africa POWER AT ALL COST WITH EMPTY BRAIN.

  • Emmy Cl says:

    Speak with your mouth not anus, how many times do you think that someone has to fail before he becomes a failure? If u say 1,2or3 u’re right but if you choose 4 then wait and see how Buhari will achieve his fourth failure. He is simply a failure!

  • FEMI OWOEYE says:

    I never mentioned that anyone hates Buhari. Can’t you understand? There is a difference between hate and fear.

    I feel deeply sorry for people like you, Emmy. For it’s either you innocently
    believe politically motivated lies, repeated and repeated several times to make the public forget that they were untrue or you were part of the packager of the lies. It is written in Roman 3:13:”Their throat
    is an open grave; they use their tongues to deceive.” “The venom of asps isunder their lips.”

    I don’t know how current you are in reading newspapers. But the truth is
    that there was no point in history, when Buhari ever said he would make Nigeria ungovernable if he did not win an election. It’s true certain Northerners made statements similar but not exactly what you have been fed to vomit around like a sick fowl. Those who made the statements are PDP members to claim that after Yaradua’s death, it was still the turn of the North to produce president. The people are still alive. They are Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and Alhaji Keita. It’s got to do with PDP constitution, not Nigerian constitution.

    And after Jonathan’s spokesman, Reuben Abati fabricated the lie and made it public concerning Buhari, the retired General instituted a libel suit
    against Abati and The Guardian Newspaper for damaging his name.

    Presidency begged Buhari to settle the case out of court between Abati
    and The Guardian, which he accepted.
    Below is the post-settlement publication and retraction by The Guardian and Reuben Abati:

    GUARDIAN Re: For the attention of General Buhari

    Thursday, 11 July 2013 00:00 Editor

    SIR: “On April 22, 2011, The Guardian Newspaper
    published an article on page 51 titled “For the attention of General Buhari”
    wherein certain allegations were made against General Muhammadu Buhari’salleged role in the violence emanating from the elections.

    The publication was based on information which we believed to be reliable at that time. Since the publication, however, we now have reason to believe that certain parts of the story were not verified to be correct before the publication.

    We assure General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) GCFR of our highest esteem and regret any distress or embarrassment which the said publication may have caused him.” — Editor

    Open your mind. GEJ and PDP politicians (indeed let me say most top politicians across parties know the cause of the insurgency. They know it has got nothing to do with the poor and upright General Buhari. But like I said earlier, they know Nigerians are very forgetful. Their strategy is to modify a truth of history and circulate it around, knowing fully well that most Nigerians of today are too busy watching movies, placing silly pictures on facebook to read or research to confirm facts of history. That’s why I remain sorry for millions of Emmy out there.

  • Emmy Cl says:

    Excuse me Femi, nobody hates Buhari but you will agree with me that no right thinking man that claims to be educated will ever make some kind of statement that Buhari have made like “he will make nigeria ungovernable ” and even threatening for war if he loses the next election and right now in the north people are being threatened for speaking against Buhari, all we are saying is that we don’t want that kind of government simple!!!!! We rather have fashola than Buhari a democratic minded person is all we need Buhari is military minded and that is problem because we are not in military regime! And mind you that no body is questioning Buhari ‘s military education! !!

  • FEMI OWOEYE says:

    You can’t blame the PDP guys. It’s a sign of fear and desperation. There is more to that fear, mind you. Fear that Buhari’s presidency might spell life jail to many most of them. See? They have every reason to scratch and scratch and scratch the ground for negative insects(True or false) to save themselves from impending doom. PDP’s fear is more than loosing an election. It’s Buhari’s anti-corruption factor. Nigerians should expect more. They’ll try anything. They’ll try using the police against the people. They’ll try fake police. But wait a minute. Those guys in uniform are Nigerians. Sensible. At Zero hour, they’ll turn against the masters and join the masses to chase away corruption, underdevelopment, deceits and lawlessness away from our land for GOOD. And we might eventually change to our original Inspiring National Anthem: “Nigeria We Hail Thee. Our Own dear Native Land. Though Tribe and tongue may differ. In brotherhood we stand. We are proud to serve Our Sovereign motherland…”

  • PDP has completely run out of ideas; hence they are just talking rubbish here and there. With all their professorship and PHDs, the result is what we are all seeing. Incompetence has no other name than failure. PDP has failed woefully and the party will be voted out come February, 2015, Isha Alah…

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