Kogi polls: Reports reaching us are troubling – Wada

Kogi polls: Reports reaching us are troubling – Wada

Saturday, November 21, 2015 7:50 pm

Gov Wada

Gov Wada

Idris Wada, the Governor of Kogi State whose second term ambition is on the line in Saturday’s election spoke to journalists, including By Ayorinde Oluokun. after his accreditation on his impression of the polls

Q:What is your impression of the exercise so far?

A:There are so many people here. They are going to be disenfranchised. It’s unfair. There is few incidence form, there is no photocopy here. There are so many people here, how are they going to vote? This seems to be a deliberate attempt to frustrate the whole process. I am going to call the REC now when I leave here and I hope they can do something about it because most Nigerians were looking forward to this election. Before I came here, I believe the whole process will be free and fair with massive security. But yet, we are hearing of the incidences of thuggery, people in fake soldier uniform going to Ogodo now, incidents of people snatching in Iyana ward. It is wrong. I just heard a report now that ballot boxes are being snatched and thumb printing is going on. It is completely unfair in this type of election. After the campaign, people should be allowed to exercise their free choice.

Q: Do you think you can win?

A: If the election is free and fair, I will win.

Q: You complain yesterday that there is militarisation…?

A: Which is good. It is to prevent thuggery. But thugs are still operating

Q: What is the problem with your wife’s accreditation?

A: Her card was recognised and her name is on the register. But they did not find her name in the list they are using. So, she has to fill incident form. I don’t understand what is happening. The incidences that I am hearing are troubling. I will not rush to judgement, but I just hope that the authorities are hearing and they will take immediate action because this election is a litmus test for Nigeria.

Q: From the feelers you are getting from across the state, what is your impression of voters’ turnout?

A: There is a lot of enthusiasm, people want to be exercise their civic rights and responsibilities, but the exercise to do so is being denied many of them by the failure of these equipment. It is mind boggling that in a single election in our country, card readers are disappointing us. Something has to be done about it.o


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