Ola Balogun: Nigeria 2016, things Buhari must do

Ola Balogun: Nigeria 2016, things Buhari must do

Sunday, January 3, 2016 6:23 pm

Ola Balogun

Ola Balogun

By Ola Balogun

​​President Muhamadu Buhari may not altogether be a Messiah, but by the grace of our ancestors, he appears destined to lead the long-suffering people of Nigeria out of the desert and the wilderness to a point from where they will be able catch sight of the promised land in the far distance. It will then be up to a generation of young and dynamic patriots to lead our people further forward into a land of sunshine and abundance.

​Therefore, one of the first tasks to which Buhari MUST apply himself is to lay strong foundations for the future leadership of Nigeria to operate from in the decades to come. Quite rightly, he has begun by embarking on a through exercise of internal cleansing, whereby the main traitors who have been looting our nation’s wealth on an unprecedented scale for decades now are being flushed out into the open and brought to trial.

No matter what anyone says, President Buhari must NOT allow himself to be distracted by the crocodile tears and fake howls of indignation of those insincere individuals within and outside Nigeria who claim to be preoccupied by the “hoooman raights” of the felons on whom the searchlight of justice is now being beamed.

The so called “hoooman raights” about which these jokers are shouting concerning wicked, heartless criminals who were about to destroy the Nigerian nation in such a manner that future generations would necessarily have had to toil for many centuries to come as slaves to foreign masters is nothing but nonsense and rubbish, as my dear beloved mother was wont to say whenever she ran out of adjectives to describe something particularly heinous and difficult to comprehend.

Why didn’t these ugly folks take the human rights of their fellow Nigerians and of the generations of Nigerians to come into consideration when they were busy stealing monumental sums of money that they could never have hoped to finish spending, even if they were to live for another two or three hundred years?

​Do the “hoooman raights” crocodile tear drunkard crowd who are busy shouting themselves hoarse for these folks to be released not know that all those billions of stolen dollars and nairas represent so many hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who died a miserable and painful death because hospitals were not built and filled with drugs because there were no funds, not to speak of express highways that were never built or repaired that could have saved the lives of so many victims of road accidents as well as save rural populations from starvation and death by providing a readily available means for farm products to be transported to urban centres and abroad for sale?


Interestingly enough, one young joker who claims to be a Senior Advocate of Nigeria recently applied in broad daylight to a judge to grant bail to his client, who stands accused of heartlessly robbing the people of Nigeria of at least EIGHT BILLION NAIRA, to be granted bail because the said individual had invited guests from all over the world to attend the wedding of his children in mid-December 2015 and should therefore be released from custody to celebrate the wedding of his children and entertain his foreign guests…
What a monumental provocation!

If possible, judges who are fond of granting unconditional bail and nonsensical perpetual injunctions to looters of our national treasury should henceforth be thoroughly investigated and made to face trial if they are found to have been bribed with some of the looted funds.

In addition, some of the glaring miscarriages of justice whereby major looters of public funds have been discharged on so-called “technical grounds” as a result of evil conspiracies involving insincere investigators, chop-chop prosecutors and corrupt judges should forthwith be reopened and properly investigated. One such glaring case involves a self-proclaimed pastor/banker who was supposed to be tried for misappropriation of monumental sums of money, only for him to be allowed to dance away joyously from the law courts in complete freedom because the prosecutors had allegedly filed the charges against him before the “wrong jurisdiction” under allegedly “erroneous headings”

No matter what anyone says, President Buhari must NOT allow himself to be distracted by the crocodile tears and fake howls of indignation of those insincere individuals within and outside Nigeria who claim to be preoccupied by the “hoooman raights” of the felons on whom the searchlight of justice is now being beamed


Far from granting bail to all the self-pitying criminal jokers who suddenly claim to develop fictitious illnesses as soon as they are asked to stand trial for their heinous crimes, the accused looters should be held tightly in prison custody until they name all their local and international accomplices and agree to return as much of the looted funds as can be recovered. If necessary, stern legislation should be enacted to send some of the worst offenders before firing squads if they should prove obdurate and unrepentant.

President Buhari

President Buhari

Ironically, it would even appear that some of the alleged looters have ended up deploying acting skills that would win them prizes in international film festivals. Thus, a former Petroleum Minister is suspected of having gone underground for a while to have plastic surgery and top level movie make up applied to her features in order to buttress her claims of being terminally ill with cancer!

Unfortunately, the dead give-away in this case lay of course in the fact that it was one single highly doctored photograph that kept being circulated in various publications with the assistance of hungry odd-jobbers like the ubiquitous Dele Momodu of “Ovation” fame.

Another obvious give-away was that the person who piteously claimed to be dying of cancer was at the same time busy applying to the Dominican Republic to work for that country free of charge as a globe-trotting “trade representative” in exchange for Dominican nationality, which would presumably have conferred immunity from prosecution in Nigeria or Britain to our fallen angel.

Was she planning to carry out her duties as “trade representative” from the shadow of St. Peter’s throne in the other world, or what?

Also, Nigerians with retentive memories will certainly recall that in the days before she suddenly discovered that she was afflicted with a very serious case of backyard cancer, our elegantly attired amazon amazed the whole nation by outsprinting Usseini Bolt on the tarmac of the Murtala International airport some months ago, leaving her much younger collaborators of both sexes far, far behind, in a bid to board the same plane as President-elect Mohammadu Buhari in order to try her fading charms and captivating million dollar perfumes and thick mascara beauty queen make-up on the poor man.

On a more serious note, President Buhari should immediately discard the rigmarole of annual budget presentations to the National Assembly in favour of a well thought-out three year development plan to cover the remaining years of his presidency.

In any case, what is the sense of going to present a budget to a body that is virtually two thirds filled with assorted idle jokers, odd jobbers, drug barons and hardened criminals?

Rather, President Buhari should save his breath and concentrate on the task of governance, leaving the so called assembly members to purchase sleek armoured SUVs and party to their heart’s content. After all, isn’t that what they were “elected” to do? Why waste their time asking them to approve budgets that they cannot be bothered to even read? The President should be merciful to our dear “legislooters” and leave them to enjoy their hard-earned prerogatives in peace!

On an even more serious note, President Buhari MUST disabuse himself of the fallacious notion that he belongs to no one and to everyone. This might be a neat turn of phrase for speech-making purposes, but it certainly does not belong in the realm of reality.

​Mohammadu Buhari DOES belong to someone!
He belongs to the teeming millions of oppressed Nigerians who voted for him in the hope that he would help deliver them from hunger, disease, unemployment, and despair.

He certainly does NOT belong to the tiny minority of Nigerians who are currently busy building skyscrapers and shopping malls all over the place, for the greater glory of the holy trinity of dollar, euro, and naira. Let them build to their heart’s content! Nemesis is not far off.

Only fools would not know that the phenomenon known as climate change will eventually sweep the mad project known as Eko city or whatever into the ocean within the next decade at the most.

Also, only unsuspecting innocents would elect to live high above ground in skyscrapers that have been built in Nigerian cities that are afflicted with frequent power surges from defective public electricity supplies, poor communication and virtually NO fire services. The recent New Year eve fire in one of Dubai’s tallest buildings in the course of which a monumental catastrophe was only narrowly averted should prove an eye-opener to besotted over-rich Nigerian inhabitants of tall skyscrapers: Let them pay their abundant dollars and euros for the privilege of living very close to the heavens in every sense of the word.

​​Most importantly, President Buhari should swallow false pride and seek to work closely with Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu, whose doggedness, astute strategizing and clever moves were key contributory factors to the collapse of the Jonathan monumental misgovernment enterprise, and whom the President still needs in his vicinity to guard his back.

Quite obviously, Buhari’s near-miraculous emergence as Nigerian Head of State will prove to be a hollow Pyrrhic victory if fifth columnists are allowed to regroup and mount counter attacks against the nascent Nigerian reborn nation. After all, was it not Buhari’s vainglorious claim that he was supposed to stand aloof from the affairs of the Senate that allowed an odd-jobber like Saraki to plot his way to the Senate Presidency with hidden support from the fast-ageing apprentice Maradonna Atiku Abubakar, who apparently still dreams of dribbling his way into becoming President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the not so distant future? NA WA O!

Obviously, Saraki is forgetful of the nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty’s great fall from the wall… Will his own jagged pieces ever be put together again when he inevitably tumbles down from the rickety wall that he has so wilfully climbed on? When the time comes from the great fall, is it Dino Melaye who will step forward to glue the pieces from Saraki’s artificial shell together again, or will that singular honour fall to Prince Buruji Kasumu of the multiple identities?

​​Talking of the law, President Buhari should be reminded that it is not enough to prosecute those who were caught stealing crudely in broad daylight, but that the searchlight should also be beamed on the way in which some of our oilfields have been given away in the past to undeserving individuals by past Heads of State like Ibrahim Babangida and Sanni Abacha.

In particular, many Nigerians may have noted that a certain lady who was only known as a seamstress in the past suddenly began to be described as ‘the richest woman in Africa” by capitalist mouthpieces like ‘Forbes’ magazines, which also managed to pocket an undisclosed amount of hard currency for awarding our erstwhile Petroleum Minister with a fabulous merit award. Does this lady own any banks or industries? Did her father or grandfather own any oil wells?

How come then that some of Nigeria’s choicest oil wells, which rightly belong to the people of Nigeria and their children, are alleged to have ended up in her possession? QUESTION GO SOON JAM ANSWER!

There is also the case of a retired top General, who came out openly a few years ago to declare that he had so much money that he “no longer knew what to do with all that wealth”.

Did this gentleman go into frying and selling akara balls for great profit after retiring from the Nigerian army, or has he been scooping a different kind of oil that should rightly belong to the poor oppressed people of Nigeria.

Interestingly enough, a British judge was recently allegedly quoted as stating in open court that a certain code name in the Dan Ettete masterminded Malabu mess appeared to designate a former Nigerian Head of State who once regaled us with stories about having attended secondary school in bare-footed attire.

What will be the reaction of the Federal Government if the British judicial authorities were to present an extradition request for the former bare-footed school boy to stand trial in Britain? Will there be a plea of Presidential immunity?

Many lawyers must no doubt be waiting to dance merrily all the way to the bank on this one, following on the footsteps of the “cunny-cunny” learned gentleman who declared to gullible Federal Govt officials that taking the Bakassi case to the World Court for adjudication would lead to a slam-dunk victory for the Nigerian Government (Obasanjo dixit!), only for the said learned person to ride in glory to the bank carrying a few million dollars in fees in his sokoto pocket after the Federal Government lost the case, leading to the takeover of the Bakassi peninsula by Cameroun.

Should the people of Nigeria not be entitled, at the very least, to a small part of the interest from the fee that our learned advocate earned from losing this high profile case that he is alleged to have pressed a naive Olusegun Obasanjo to take to the World Court? (Details of his successful lobbying efforts are contained in Obasanjo’s recent three part autobiography)

In the case of our oil wells. if the individuals who have benefitted from patent cases of “pen robbery” do not spontaneously come forward to restore the nation’s oil wells to the people of our country, rigorous steps should forthwith be taken to unmask such individuals and make them return both their illegally acquired oil wells and the proceeds arising from the exploitation of the said oil wells to the citizens of Nigeria and their descendants.

Hopefully, when the time comes, such folks will refrain from subjecting us to the boring repetitive routine of the sudden onslaught of bouts of backyard Onitsha market illnesses whenever they are required to appear before the law courts.

On a more serious note, following the Israeli example of operating as a permanently mobilized nation, preparations should henceforth begin for all able-bodied male and female Nigerian citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 with secondary school level education to undergo a compulsory six month military training course.

The fact is that Nigeria is currently a nation at war!
In times of pressing national danger, military operations are too serious a matter to be left to professional soldiers alone : All able-bodied citizens of our nation must be prepared to fight and, if need be, die bravely for the greater glory of Nigeria tomorrow.

An army composed of individuals who have signed into the military in the hope of earning salaries and gaining meaningless ribbon decorations and ranks is of no use to the Nigerian nation, even though we need some folks with in-depth professional military training to fight alongside patriotic citizen volunteers who are prepared to march forward to confront the nation’s enemies resolutely, unafraid to die if that will ensure the victory of the Nigerian nation as a whole.

Obviously, it is by the sacrifice of a few that the interests of the totality of citizens can be assured.

It is because of the heroic bravery of the generality of Burkinabe citizens, who recently dared the renegade putschists led by Gilbert Guingere to shoot as many of them as they cared to kill that led to the collapse of the recent attempt to take away the freedom of the Burkinabe people.

How can the imperialists and their local stooges and collaborators ever prevail against us if we are each prepared to die, rather than yield ground and allow our future descendants to be enslaved under the whip lashes of World Bank and IMF plantation supervisors? Can they manage to kill off one hundred million determined Nigerian heroes?

Any free born Nigerian who prefers slavery to the proud status of an emancipated Nigerian should be encouraged to emigrate to the land of his or her choice, with provision of free one-way passage on cargo boats sailing to their chosen destinations, so that they can learn at first hand if they will be welcomed with open arms by the “hoooman raights” propagandists of the western world…

It would be a case of good riddance to bad rubbish!
With determination and patriotic leadership, Nigeria can rise to the ranks of China, India, and other nations that have managed to emancipate themselves from the tyranny of western imperialism within a few decades.

Let our future descendants reap abundantly where we shall sow, for the greater glory of the black African race!


Over and out.

*Dr. Ola Balogun currently resides in Cotonou (Benin Republic)




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