Bayo Adeyinka: The humbling of pompous Trump

Bayo Adeyinka: The humbling of pompous Trump

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 11:40 am

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

By Bayo Adeyinka

Did you watch Donald Trump deliver his post Iowa caucus election speech? He was very flat. Uninspiring. Deflated. He struggled with words. He lacked substance. He had been demystified. He lost steam.

Yeah! It was so glaring that the billionaire was devastated. His expectation fell short. The reality betrayed all projections. No doubt, the election results are an indication of the beginning of the fall of an arrogant presidential candidate. Iowa has sent notice that the media popularity is not a ticket for election victory.

Bayo Adeyinka

Bayo Adeyinka

I think those who bet on Trump presidency can now begin to think otherwise. No doubt, he’s been the great entertainer in this campaign. We will still have a few more entertainment moments with him struggling for a prime place in New Hampshire.

For me, the real contenders are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in the Republican camp and not Donald Trump. The days ahead will prove that.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders put up a good fight. He really worked very hard to wound Hillary Clinton’s rise. From nowhere to somewhere. With no money and no national recognition some nine months ago, he’s in a virtual tie with the most popular Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses.

We’ll see how it goes in New Hampshire and the days ahead.

Good luck to whoever become the flag bearers of both parties but definitely, not Donald Trump.

Mr Bayo Adeyinka works with Amecon Inc, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


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