Agatu: Mark shocked by ruin caused by herdsmen

Agatu: Mark shocked by ruin caused by herdsmen

Saturday, March 12, 2016 2:06 pm

David Mark's convoy on the way to Agatu

David Mark’s convoy on the way to Agatu

Mark's entourage enters Agatu

Mark’s entourage enters Agatu

Senator David Mark on Friday took a tour of the Agatu town in Benue State ravaged by Fulani herdsmen, with the people fleeing the town after scores were killed and homes burnt.

Although the Federal Government said that it is deploying troops to maintain peace in the area, according to Governor Samuel Ortom, the people are still holding out in Otukpo and
other parts of the state.

Agatu: vehicle, houses burnt

Agatu: vehicle, houses burnt

Burnt out destruction

Burnt out destruction

Mark is the senator representing the area in the National Assembly.

And on Friday, he carried out a first hand assessment of areas affected by the Agatu massacre.

After inspecting the area, he summed up as follows: “I am shocked beyond words at the extent of destruction I have seen here in Agatu today Nothing whatsoever justifies this brazen act of destruction meted out on the people of Agatu. Whoever was responsible for the Agatu carnage must be fished out and punished.”

A house still smouldering

A house still smouldering

The Senator’s convoy was given a taste of the violence in the region, when it was shot at by gunmen.

David Mark: this destruction has to stop

David Mark: this destruction has to stop

Let’s hope there will be a change of heart by the herdsmen.

As Mark said: “The people of Agatu are peaceful people. I urge them to hold their peace and remain calm. My desire is to ensure that this crisis is resolved quickly before the next farming season.”


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  • Y-man says:

    Have you forgotten that he was Number 3 Man in Nigeria for more than 8 years? He was Senate President, and after the President, and Vice-President: it was HIM.
    A visit from him to the troops especially, would have boosted their morale: him being a retired combatant himself…
    That’s what I think New Nigerian meant.

  • umolu says:

    Some of what you have said here don’t make sense. David Mark is not representing the Boko Haram enclave.In the Senate he represents Benue South senatorial district and he went to part of that district to see for himself the devastation. Next time if you don’t have anything to say, it is honorable to be silent. There is no comparison to the killings of Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa and others to Boko Haram or the Agatu killings. Your thought pattern is so flawed. Stay alert; so long.

  • New Nigerian says:

    Same David Mark never visited the areas where Boko Haram killed 36,000+ Nigerians and had 2 million Nigerians displaced, even as his party stole billions that were meant to buy arms to protect the same people. The authorities should be aware and be reminded that it is so-called disturbance in the same area that was used as excuse to kill Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Akintola, the army leadership and other leaders of the first republic on the way to hijacking the government by terrorists in the Army. The authorities should do the needful to protect the principal officers of the country even as this civil disturbance is controlled and whatever criminals made to face justice

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