$14m gift for US university: Nigerians attack billionaire Indimi

$14m gift for US university: Nigerians attack billionaire Indimi

Sunday, May 22, 2016 3:40 pm

Ndimi and his daughters

Indimi and his daughters

Borno State born billionaire businessman, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, is not a political office holder. Yet, Nigerians on social media would not leave him alone on how he spends his money.

That is actually what is happening now. Amouna and Hauwa, two daughters of
Indimi recently graduated from the University of Lynn, in Florida.

Their joyous billionaire father donated a $14 million (N4.2 billion) complex named after him as “Mohammed Indimi International Business Center” to Lynn University. It was part of the activities of the University Commencement Day.

Read what Nigerians said about him:

“He made his billions in Nigeria from oil wells his military dictator friend dashed him. He is the Chairman, CEO of Oriental Oil and Gas and he is reported as the tenth richest billionaire in Nigeria.”

“The Borno-born billionaire, Mohammed Indimi has never ever donated a plastic chair to the University of Maiduguri or any university in the Niger Delta talk more of endowing a chair in any Nigerian university. But the irony is that he can afford to endow a chair and donate a $14 million complex to a US University, which by the way does not even need such gesture from him.

“Hundreds of internally displaced people in Borno state needs his Robinhood-like assistance from what he has stolen from the people.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is how Nigerian elite underdeveloped Nigeria, with due apologies to Walter Rodney, the author of the book, “How Europe underdeveloped Africa.”

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  • Oluwasanmi Yusuf says:

    It is we that underdeveloped our country, not any foreign exploitation biko. What of some well good icon nigerians that donated such to our universities,are they not human being like so called ndimi, Such as Ulasi buiding at UNN etc

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