Bayelsa government condemns pipeline bombers

Bayelsa government condemns pipeline bombers

Saturday, May 28, 2016 9:57 pm

Th‎e Bayelsa Government on Saturday condemned the attack on ‎two crude trunk lines, operated by Aiteo and Agi‎p, by new militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA).

The militant group earlier on Saturday claimed responsibility for vandalism of the pipelines that convey crude to the Bonny and Brass export terminals.

Mr Jonathan Obuebite, Bayelsa Commissioner for Information who confirmed the attack in an electronic mail to NAN, condemned the twin attacks describing them as “one too many.’’

“The blowing up of the trunk line is coming a few days after a similar oil facility operated by Chevron was blown up in Delta.’’

Obuebite lamented the economic impact of destruction of the key oil facility and wondered why the militants would go to that extent, knowing the economic implication to the state and the country.

He observed that in spite concerted efforts of the government to move against such atrocities, the militants were still unrepentant in their acts of vandalism.
Obuebite urged the group to embrace dialogue rather than the current approach to register their grievances.

He noted that the oil spill adversely affected those who reside in those areas.‎

The commissioner also called on security agencies to be more alert and to devise new means to protect very important oil and gas facilities in order to prevent further destructions

Obuebite urged Bayelsa residents, especially those in oil communities to be very vigilant and work closely with security agencies to apprehend anyone or group attempting to undermine key national assets

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  • O'seun Ogunseitan says:

    Whenever the new vandals stop the bombings and destruction of Oil installations, the federal government should deduct the cost of repairs from the 13% Derivation allocation normally paid to the Oil producing States. Whatever it costs to repair the pipelines destroyed in Bayelsa should be deducted from Bayelsa’s share of the 13% Derivation allocation. Pipelines destroyed in Delta should be repaired with funds to be deducted from Delta’s share of 13% Derivation allocation. This way, the Oil producing states will learn to ensure the safety of the pipelines that pass through their states and the vandals will be forced to operate outside their Oil-producing states of origin, where they will certainly have no place to hide.

    It is important to begin to teach the Oil producing states how to secure Oil facilities giving them money now. Nigeria’s Oil producing States will need such experience when they start managing their Oil and other resources, after we would have restructured Nigeria into a proper federation where states are managing their resources and taking care of their indigenes alone. If we do not do this now, we may just wake up to discover that many Niger Deltans have been bombed out of their lands by brother warlords, seeking private ownership and control of the Oil installations for themselves and and their families. Whereas, we would have signed to go back to our native regions and be unable to accommodate internal refugees from other regions.

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