Infrastructural Decay: 1004 Estate Residents Sack Maintenance Committee

Infrastructural Decay: 1004 Estate Residents Sack Maintenance Committee

Monday, February 6, 2017 3:20 pm

1004 appartments, Lagos

By Akin Kuponiyi

In a new twist of fate in the ongoing crisis over the management of 1004 Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, the residents of the estate, have, unanimously sacked the 1004 Home Owners and Residents Association (HORA), from managing the highbrow estate on grounds of incompetence and failure to deliver the services which the estate had become renowned for under its previous management.

It was alleged that a group of persons claiming to act under the auspices of the residents invaded the estate with thugs and illegally procured policemen to forcefully throw out the legitimate management of 1004 Estate Limited, about one year ago.

At the stakeholders meeting held at Cluster Club House of the Estate, the residents complained of a litany of woes from HORA which many of the residents described as chaotic, and which saw the rapid deterioration in services.

The residents also complained of poor electricity and water supply services compared to what obtained under the past management which provided 24 hours power and constant water supply before the forced takeover.

Some of the aggrevied residents were of the opinion that the former management of the estate, 1004 Estate Limited, resume its operations to ensure the continuity of the comfort of the residents majority of whom are expatriates and high net worth Nigerians .

Also at the meeting, the residents also booted out the Tayo Soetan and Ochuko Akposibruke led group for alleged corrupt practices which resulted in failed contracts which complicated the estate infrastructure and the proper maintenance of the estate.

The residents of the Estate also expressed disgust with the shady power arrangements with 1G4 Power Limited, which was imposed on the Estate by the HORA’s committee. This some of the residents led to poor services due from the operator led by a tenant in the Estate Mr. Owumi Ikomi, which utilised force to install New meters in the flats which many claimed ran faster than the old meters,

The residents were also slammed a new power rate of N100 Per kilowatt rate by 1G4 Power Limited supported by the HORA’s leaders who had a private agreement shrouded in secrecy for 1G4 Power to make financial returns to them.

Many of the residents were also expressed unhappy with the security services rendered by two security companies; Tom Salem and Halogen Security Limited, which they considered too poor compared to the previous security men directly employed by 1004 Estate Limited, who were committed to the estate security and residents welfare. The estate was highly favoured by NIgerians and expatriates due to the tight security formerly in place which limited outsiders in the premises.

The sacked committee was accused of non-transparency and unaccountability, according to a publication by concerned residents of the estate which preceded the decision to also throw out the HORA’s Board of Trustees and Elders Comitteee which were all compromised in the poor services rendered.

One of the residents who craved for anonymity described the act of the sacked HORA’s committee as “personal aggrandizement at the expense of the peace and comfort of residents. Too many cooks spoil the broth and many residents want the sanity that prevailed in the estate with 1004 Estate Limited which had a good administration and 24 hours technical staff on ground and responded promptly to residents needs”

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  • Virginia Iyabo Smith says:

    Point of correction though, Mr Soetan is ALSO the chairman of the BOT and not Chief Ogedengbe…. Though they try to cover this up!

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