“You are opportunists, bloody traitors,” Bode George blasts Lagos PDP defectors

“You are opportunists, bloody traitors,” Bode George blasts Lagos PDP defectors

Monday, February 20, 2017 10:23 pm

Bode George

By Jamiu Yisa

The six Peoples Democratic Party members in the Lagos State House of Assembly, who defected to the All Progressives Congress, have been described as opportunists and bloody traitors.

A member of the party’s Board of Trustees, Chief Bode George, who stated this while speaking during an interview recently, further described the actions of lawmakers as unacceptable.

The defection which took place last Thursday after the house plenary session, reduced the number of PDP members in the House to two.

The decampees in their letter, said they took the step due to the division and infighting which had factionalised their party.

According to George,”I don’t know what got into their heads. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Their constituency should caution them. They campaigned on the platform of the party and won. They didn’t go to the House of Assembly as an individual and they defected without consulting the party managers. It is unacceptable. We will see where they will be in time. It is disappointing.

”These defectors are impatient and that is why they hop from ship to ship. I wish them the best of luck. They were part and parcel of us. We gave them the tickets to achieve their political ambitions. They benefited tremendously from the party but I don’t know why they are just jumping ship like we say in the navy. When your house is leaking, you stay there and repair it. Is the APC also stable? That is what they should think.

”We all can’t get angry and start moving to another party. Wherever you go, you would still have to deal with the same set of human beings. They should have stayed back to correct the problems in the PDP, not rolling and frolicking with any government in power.

”In our party, we are trying to correct so many things. You do not throw a porcelain vase away until it is broken beyond repair. We must do the needful. I joined this party since 1998. We saw it grow in the South-West. With these interlopers, hopping in and out, they are being opportunistic and bloody traitors. The founding fathers have certain principles which we must uphold. I have determined that I will remain in the party. All these interlopers that are jumping from here to there must be told the truth,” he averred.

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