Web Design in Nigeria: The CorelDraw Approach

Web Design in Nigeria: The CorelDraw Approach

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 9:42 am

The design

CorelDraw is a powerful Illustration or vector graphics editor, program, application or software. It is a very popular and widely used graphic package and incidentally, so is Adobe Illustrator. But because of the immense use of CorelDraw in Nigeria (about 98%), the package grew to be designers’ favourite in the graphic allied industry.

It is a common thing to find CorelDraw very significant in services offered by most business centres in Nigeria. Computer training centres also offer it as part of their basic courses.

But then, how about getting training on web design with CorelDraw?

There was none.
This need has led to developing a training package (also in DVD format) that teaches web design using CorelDraw.

According to the Creator, Nwafor Sylvanus: “It was a need we decided to fill.”

Like the historical bible story of David and Goliath, it is easier to overcome with a tool you are used to rather than forcing yourself on something entirely strange to you.
Let’s take a quick look at the bible story.
King Saul after David had convinced him that he could face the Goliath giant equipped him with his very own armour. He put a bronze helmet on his head and a coat of armour. It was recorded that “David strapped Saul’s sword over the armour and tried to walk, but he couldn’t because he wasn’t used to wearing them.” He said to King Saul “I can’t fight with all these; I’m not used to it.” So he took it off. He took his shepherd’s stick and then picked up five smooth stones from the stream and put them in his bag.

With his sling ready, he went out to meet Goliath.
The rest is history.
He overcame the dreaded Goliath that oppressed the armies of Israel.
The lesson:

There is power in overcoming with a tool you are used to.
Easy To Get Conversant Or Familiar With CorelDraw Framework:

Sylvanus Nwafor shares his story…
When I started out learning how to use the computer working as an Industrial Training student in a commercial press in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, it was with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress and PageMaker. Apple Macintosh running on Mac OS was predominantly our platform. Our in-house style in the Graphics/Pre-press was really quite demanding as most of our jobs were done differently.

What I mean is that vectors were treated differently from bitmaps then later merged in a different software for film output on the imagesetter.

Adobe Illustrator was used purely for vector-based elements while Adobe Photoshop was used for photo editing and bitmap-related elements. The files were then exported differently i.e. vectors from Illustrator to EPS (Encapsulated Postscript extension) and bitmaps from Photoshop to tiff or jpeg (tagged image file or joint photographic group format). The two different files were then merged in either Pagemaker or QuarkXpress for either proof making or final output to film via an imagesetter.

I must confess that this workflow style was very CUMBERSOME.
It wasn’t until I left the company that I discovered that most graphic designers out there use CorelDraw extensively for their designs. When, sometimes, I mention illustrator to some of my “new” colleagues then, it would sound strange to them.

Then the reality dawned on me…
If I’d fit into the commercial world of design in Nigeria I had to go learn how to use CorelDraw.
Guess what?
It was really quite easy to get conversant with the program.

CorelDraw Very Flexible:
CorelDraw, for most graphic designers, is a much more flexible application to use compared to Adobe Illustrator. It is true that quite a lot of designers hold different views concerning both programs. Some say Illustrator is the industry’s standard.

However, CorelDraw still appeals to many graphic designers — especially in Nigeria.
With the software, you can appreciate the general view of your design. Handling and manipulating curves also are very seamless with the graphic package.

One opinion holds that Illustrator is a more advanced program than CorelDraw. Some even joke that CorelDraw is to Illustrator what MS Paint is to Photoshop.
That’s quite demeaning though.

Though there are some pitfalls with the Corel package but increasingly, these shortfalls are been improved upon with the newer versions.
Another view puts it that “If you use windows; you’re already good with design and looking for the best tool for your platform for design, CorelDraw is the better tool.” (Rephrased).

CorelDraw is easy to use and very flexible.
No more “long thing” here.
It is what people want and for you to remain in business, you’ve got to give people what they want.

CorelDraw for Web Design
Finding training centres/products that teaches web design using the CorelDraw approach is hard to find.

Some say the CorelDraw package is dated and here it was clarified that.
So, in clear essence, there was a need to make a case for CorelDraw to be used in teaching Web Design in Nigeria.

Our search brought us, until we found out something more than a web design training.
It was a web design course formulated to stay with you for life.
What does this mean?

Imagine you attend a training course where all the course modules are packaged in a step-by-step video tutorials to act as an actionable reference (not just the usual handouts) anytime you need a refresher.
That’s great, right?

But then, there’s more…

The complete training kit that has over 135 pages beautifully designed and easy to read eBook; over 35 step-by-step video tutorials and Resources (for reference purpose).

Hey, We all know how technical books can be boring but then this takes a different twist.
The e-book section is filled with gorgeous, full color photos and infographics that help illustrate web design concepts from the CorelDraw approach.

The training kit ties academic, economic and practical knowledge into one piece.
Throughout the entire web design course with CorelDraw (also in DVD format) you are guided to work towards Understanding The Client’s Brief; Creating Concepts For Your Websites; Designing The Visuals (UI/UX); Client Communication; Domain Name And Hosting; Coding/development + WordPress; Animation With Flash, JQuery; Test Running Your Websites; Uploading, Cross Browser Compatibilities; Review And Resolving Whatever Issues That Came Up During The Process; Understanding Responsive Web Design And Online Marketing.

This reflects the economic, academic and practical approach of the course.

Web Design Tools to learn:

CORELDRAW —Get the basics of UI/UX Visual Design Web Design with Photoshop in Nigeria

PHOTOSHOP —Learn optimization for fast loading websites to boost user experience
DREAMWEAVER — Get grips coding with industry’s standard web development application
FLASH/JQUERY —Learn how to use Flash, JQuery for your animations
WORDPRESS — Understand WordPress & customization. Learn how to create your own blog with WordPress
FACEBOOK —Set up a Facebook Business Page
ADWORDS – Learn to be skilled setting up effective online Marketing with Google Adwords


Nwafor Sylvanus C’Emeka is the CEO nurturedscills.net

He is passionate about imparting knowledge and sticking with people until they succeed with their new career.

He’s been doing brand development work since 1997 during his internship days. His love for design has been growing in leaps and bounds ever since.
He cares about Designing Websites, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design, Creative Thinking, Graphic Design, Design for Print, Brand Strategy, Online Marketing, Blogging and Teaching.

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