Inquest: Government step most acceptable standard in civilized societies -Govt.

Inquest: Government step most acceptable standard in civilized societies -Govt.

Sunday, May 7, 2017 6:22 pm


The Government of the State of Osun has reacted to a press conference held by the family of the first civilian governor of our state, Senator Isiaka Adeleke where they rejected the Coroner’s Inquest instituted by the Government into the unfortunate and sudden death of our beloved former Governor.

This, according to the government, is rather unfortunate. It added:

“As a government, the step that has been taken is the most responsible and the most acceptable standard in any civilized society and in line with the extant law inherited from the colonial days. Therefore, the decision to institute an inquest into this sudden death was not to please or satisfy anyone at all but for the good of our society.

“We are all bereaved and mourning the unfortunate death of one of our illustrious sons and most importantly a former Governor of our dear state. It would not be in the best interest and honour of the departed soul for the government to engage the family on a matter of this nature. It is however apposite to state that the Adeleke Family has right to all the choices open to them just as we are sure this is a matter that is already in the court of public opinion.”

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