Eckankar not cultism – Cleric

Eckankar not cultism – Cleric

Thursday, May 11, 2017 1:39 pm

Sir Harold Klemp, 973rd Living ECK Master,


Mr Emeka Ezeh, the Assistant to the Regional Eckankar Spiritual Aide, Northern Sub-region, has debunked insinuation that the religion was practicing some cult activities.

He said that Eckankar is a religion of peace and God’s consciousness.

Ezeh disclosed this at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum in Abuja on Thursday.

He explained that Eckankar is a religion of `light and sound’ and focuses on teaching that the voice of God known as the Holy Spirit manifests itself in the form of light and sound.

According to him, there are teachings that the leader of Eckankar has put in place that will enable people to live spiritually directed life as a divine being.

“ I don’t know the meaning of cult.

“If cults come on television, have open programmes in the day and night, if somebody does not understand an issue, it becomes a cult.

“Ignorance is also a cult. The issue of being cult doesn’t even arise because it is a religion.

“Eckankar brings a unique teaching to tell you that everybody is a child of God, everybody was created to become anything he wants to become.

“The goal of Eckankar is to make one an individual and then become God-like, become a co-worker with God.

“In order words, you can become a saint, you can become an angel even when you are living here,’’ Ezeh said.

He said the religion, which began in 1965, is practiced in 140 countries.

He said the religion is not dogmatic in nature but dwelt on teachings of reincarnation and karma.

“Right now, we have Harold Klemp, who is the 973rd Living ECK Master, in an unbroken lineage of masters over the years.

“He teaches the word HU, this word HU is a sacred and ancient name for God that doesn’t belong to Eckankar, doesn’t belong to any language, and doesn’t belong to any religion.

“Anyone can sing it and when you sing the word HU, you expand your state of awareness to an extent that you begin to feel, hear and see God because God constantly speaks,’’ Ezeh said.

He advised members of the public to desist from seeking miracles in different prayer houses, adding that God had the capacity to hear and answer prayers in His time.


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