Ex Italian PM bid to cut alimony payment to ex-wife fails

Ex Italian PM bid to cut alimony payment to ex-wife fails

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 3:18 pm

Silvio Berlusconi:

Former Italian Premier, Silvio Berlusconi, has lost an appeal against paying 2 million Euros (2.2 million dollars) as monthly alimony to his ex-wife, Veronica Lario, media report said on Tuesday.

Berlusconi, 80, is a billionaire who made his fortune in the media and construction business before entering politics in 1994.

He and former B-movie actress Lario married in 1990, split in 2009 and officially divorced five years later.

Italy’s highest legal body, the Court of Cassation, confirmed the validity of the 2-million-euro monthly sum Lario was awarded as a temporary living allowance, valid for the period during which she was separated, but not yet divorced.

Report says had Berlusconi won the case, he would have been entitled to claim some money back from his ex-wife.

It added that as part of the divorce settlement, the living allowance for Lario has been reduced to 1.4 million Euros per month, since 2014.

Meanwhile, Berlusconi is also trying to have that sum reduced, with a separate appeal that is pending.

Lario, 60, broke off the marriage with Berlusconi after a newspaper revealed that the then-prime minister had attended the 18th birthday party of a sometime lingerie model who reportedly called him “daddy.”

The couple had three children between 1984 and 1988.

Berlusconi is now living with a woman 49 years his junior, Francesca Pascale.

Italy’s three-time premier had two more children from his first wife, Carla Elvira Dell’Oglio, who were involved in the running of his media and publishing empire.


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