In Delta State, Why The Street Occupies Corridors Of Power

In Delta State, Why The Street Occupies Corridors Of Power

Saturday, May 20, 2017 7:45 am

Ena Ofugara

By Ena Ofugara

• Engr Kragha vs James Ibori As The Genesis

That Engr. Moses Kragha vs James Ibori election is where intellectualism lost to the streets. That is where agberos decided that they would not be backers but candidates themselves, even to HOUSE OF REPS and HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY where Delta state has sent people like Napoleon Gbinijie who can hardly read and write to canvass positions on the betterment of the state.

Since that Kragha election loss, many people might hero-worship James Ibori. But those who know the truth are certain that that very point was the tangent where the state’s development took this downward spiral, where despite billions and billions of dollars in revenue and allocation, Delta has deteriorated in education, healthcare, roads and infrastructure.

Each succeeding administration has blamed the former for plunging it into too much debt to perform. Emmanuel Uduaghan said this of the debts he paid from Ibori’s financial recklessness. Okowa is saying the same thing about Uduaghan and many know he is telling the truth. Point is, Ibori’s fans will run out now to say he tried. The truth remains that our financial precarious state in Delta; our lack of quality people representing us; the growth of the Igbuyas, Ejeles, Sheriffs as candidates and even speakers of House of Assembly (positions hitherto known to be reserved for lawyers and or intellectually capable minds etc); all of these happenings is traceable to Ibori’s win over Engineer Kragha.

It will not change any time soon as long as Okowa has to run to the Ejeles and Tompolos for political backing and security enough for his deputy governor to be a Tompolo designate. Pedigree and finesse is thrown to the dogs. So despite Uduaghan and Okowa being brilliant medical doctors, those empowered around them and to whom they owe loyalty bring nothing intellectual to the table. So even when we ask the PA’s and SA’s to tell us the visions and plans of this administration or the previous in Delta, they cannot show any. There is no road map to progress. They are just biding their time to the next election, knowing these political “egbe wedgers” will “deliver” the votes to PDP either by hook or crook. With N3,000 to N5,000, Sapele people will board boats to Koko and vote according to the dictates of …

That Engr Kragha vs Ibori election is where intellectualism bowed to agberoism and Delta State will never recover from it.

You can defend Ibori now. It is the level we… including me, Ena, have sunk to.

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