“Pneumonia,” “beautiful” most wrongly spelled words in the U.S

“Pneumonia,” “beautiful” most wrongly spelled words in the U.S

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 12:01 am

U.S President Donald Trump

A silent “P” has probably made “pneumonia” the most misspelled word in the U.S., data released on Tuesday by search engine Google has said.

As a national spelling contest is to be held on Thursday in Washington, Google has identified state by state the most misspelled word by analysing search data from its website.

“Pneumonia” appears to be the hardest word for people to spell in Alabama, Illinois, Maine, Michigan and Washington.

“Beautiful” is the hardest word in California, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York and Ohio, while in Arizona, Colorado and Wisconsin, people have trouble with “tomorrow.”

However, one may have difficulty in explaining why people in Hawaii struggle with “people” and South Dakota can’t spell “college” correctly.


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