Diarrhea infects over 16,000, kills 265 in Sudan: Minister

Diarrhea infects over 16,000, kills 265 in Sudan: Minister

Friday, June 2, 2017 11:22 am

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Sudanese Health Minister Bahar Garada, on Friday said that diarrhea has killed 265 people and infected 16,121 others in 11 states of Sudan since August 2016.

In a report to the Sudanese parliament, the minister warned against increase of diarrhea infections and deterioration of the health conditions, saying “we expect the worse with the rainy season.’’

According to the minister’s report, Sudan’s White Nile State registered the highest rate of infection with the disease that reached 4,512 cases, attributing that to the fact that the state is neighbouring South Sudan.

He said Blue Nile State comes second with 4,471 infections and 12 deaths, followed by Sinnar State with 2,401 infections and 14 deaths.

Khartoum State has registered 19 death cases and 878 infections within 10 months, it said.

The Red Sea State registered 1,137 infections and 19 death cases, while the Gezira State registered 55 deaths and 982 infections.

The minister called for increased supervision on the Nile water sources and revising the water networks to ensure provision of clean water for the affected areas.

Contaminated drinking water is responsible for the spread of the disease which appears every now and then in many areas in Sudan.

During August and September 2016, diarrhea hit Sudan’s Blue Nile and other states, leaving more than 55 dead with 2,619 infection cases.


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