Civil servant seeks dissolution of `Abuja marriage’

Civil servant seeks dissolution of `Abuja marriage’

Friday, June 9, 2017 9:25 pm

A civil servant, Asuqo Okwong, on Friday pleaded with a Customary Court at Nyanya in Abuja to dissolve his `Abuja marriage’ after the marriage went sour.

“This marriage is Abuja marriage. I have a wife with four children. I have left her for seven years. I want to reconcile with her.

“Therefore, even if heaven opens, I will not continue with this woman,” Okwong told court, pleading for the dissolution of his one-year relationship with Benedicta Okwong.

`Abuja marriage’ refers to a man and woman cohabiting without formalizing the union as a married couple.

The practice is said to be common in the federal capital, where high rent has often forced people to adopt survival strategies.

“This woman has been staying with me for a while now. I have assessed her. She is not the kind of woman I can marry,” he said.

However, Benedicta told court that the marriage was not `Abuja marriage’ as claimed by her husband.

“How can he say that the marriage between us is Abuja marriage when he has gone to my place to pay my bride price.

“Another evidence of this marriage is this little baby I brought here in court,” she stated.

The Presiding Judge, Mr Jemilu Jega, however, advised the couple to reconcile their differences.

“Try to avoid anything that will tarnish your image, you divorced your first wife seven years ago, here you are to divorce another after one year of marriage,’’ he told Asuquo.

“Even though it might not be your fault, you just have to try and endure, sometimes for the sake of a good name.”

Jega adjourned further hearing on the case to July 10.


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