Labour urges workers to resume work as strike is suspended

Labour urges workers to resume work as strike is suspended

Sunday, September 30, 2018 10:07 pm

File: Labour unionists on the march


The United Labour Congress ( ULC) on Sunday called on its affiliate members, states councils and workers to resume work as the organised labour suspended its indefinite strike.

The NLC, TUC and ULC had gone on a two-day strike following Federal Government’s failure to allow the minimum wage committee continue its meeting.

Mr Joe Ajaero, ULC President in a statement in Lagos, said that the organised labour decided to suspend the strike immediately to allow the committee resume work.

“The suspension is to allow the Tripartite National Minimum Wage Committee resume its work on Oct. 4, as proposed by the Federal Government.

He said that the federal government had said it would use the meeting to resolve all the crucial issues remaining in the national minimum wage negotiation process.

Ajaero commended its members for their cooperation, doggedness and determination in ensuring the success of the nation-wide strike.

He urged the workers to remain vigilant and wait the outcome of the meeting and subsequent events that would lead to the emergence of a living wage for Nigerian workers.

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