Tribute To Senator David Dafinone

Tribute To Senator David Dafinone

Thursday, November 1, 2018 3:30 pm

Sen David Dafinone

By Kenny Martins

By the transition of our well beloved Elder Statesman, Distinguished Senator David Omueya Dafinone, the entire country of Nigeria has lost one of its finest illustrious citizens and foremost patriots.

He was a leader per excellence: Deputy Leader of the Senate in the 2nd Republic, Leader in the Accountancy Profession, Leader in Business, Leader in Philanthropy, Leader in the Niger Delta struggle, and Leader of a Guinness Book Of World Record Recognised Largest Family of Chartered Accountants in the world.

In spite of his huge achievements, he was always willing to achieve more and to help our country to be the best. At a time that many business people had doubt about Abuja, he showed leadership by establishing the Ceddi Plaza in Abuja, which was one of the largest private investments at the time that spurred other investors to follow his lead to also bring their investments into our Nation’s Capital.

As the long-time Leader of the Union of Niger Delta, a Non-Governmental Organisation, he blazed a trail for the non-violent struggle for the development of the Niger Delta Region in general and made very great achievements in that regard without rancour and bloodshed.

As a person, I am very proud of my very long association with him and his amiable family. My prayer is that his children will continue his good works and emulate such qualities that made their father a household name in Nigeria and the world.

I call on the Government of Delta State as well as other States of the Niger Delta, and in deed the Federal Government, to name suitable institutions after this departed sage. He deserves every such recognition and more.

DOD has signed off for the final time. Rest in Peace.

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