News Analysis: The Power of The Church, G.O and Social Engineering

News Analysis: The Power of The Church, G.O and Social Engineering

Thursday, May 9, 2019 9:48 am


Ena Ofugara


• Certain G.O’s Misplaced Emphasis

By Ena Ofugara

Both China and Russia took over the church so as to be able to control the minds of the people and channel it towards where the State/government desired. That is how powerful the church is. It is akin to the power of all religions, perhaps only less than Islam that requires TOTAL SUBMISSION which is the meaning of Islam anyway. But the church has a serious power to influence society. Note that Christians were hated by Jews of those days for refusing to join revolt again the Roman powers. Hitler hates and killed Jehovah Witnesses for refusing to join his war etc etc

Today, the general overseers and pastors have serious influence over the minds of Nigerians that a known Muslim bigot got acceptance by Christians simply by being associated with a G.O and his church and even went on to pick a VP from that church. That is all certain Christians needed and the bigot was forgiven and is forgiven when he uses kid gloves on Mass Murderers like Filani herdsmen and Boko Haram, even when he rechristens them as “bandits”, removing the clear Fulani and Muslim identification which it is.

Now the point of this post is not politics. The point is the power of these G.O’s and how they consistently misuse this power to positively engineer the society.

Let us take two admonitions by this unstated G.O. First he told men not to marry women who cannot cook. Nothing was said of men who cannot cook. In a society of today where women work as hard as men and some leave home 5 am and return by 9 pm, instead of encouraging men to support these women and learn to cook if they have a less strenuous, time-consuming job, they continue to send clear signals that it is the woman’s job to cook even in situations where it is even WICKED to expect the wife to do the cooking. My friends married to doctors and even nurses proudly say how they try to make food for the kids and even keep for the wife when she returns tired from work. You see how grateful these women are and how the love shows in these houses where the man has taken a decision on how best his family is to navigate life as a family. Instead of the G.O to say “before you marry, ask yourself as a man if you are willing to do the cooking and things hitherto considered female.” And even to go ahead and counsel men on need to put away traditional expectations of women from years when women stayed home and men went hunting. Instead they make COOKING the centerpiece of the home instead of LOVE, SEX, GOD and UNDERSTANDING.

And now, he has reiterated that a woman should not marry a jobless man.

Now many people try to defend the pastor and try to explain his statement by blunting its meaning. The truth is that most homes are breaking up because the woman is the breadwinner and the man is jobless. The homes are not breaking up because the money coming in is not enough, but because of the sex organ or gender of who brings it in. Just like the pastors continue to emphasize the traditional roles of males as hunters and women gatherers and takers, the society continues to reinforce this stereotype, forgeting it is a changed society.

Women drive TRAINS and TRAILERS. Women are pilots. So a woman with five kids and earns so much money as a pilot who is away from home for two to three weeks, the man who is a teacher cannot cook and or even resign to be able to take care of the children as father, teacher etc? The woman should resign or look for another job so the man can work as a teacher and bring home the relative paltry money just because G.Os continue to emphasize finance over understanding and love.

The truth is that homes able to insulate themselves from the noise from the people and pulpit are the happiest homes. Pastors and G.Os use their own anachronistic generation and their ways to tell millennials what to do. One pastor opened his mouth and told the church “If your husband is at home everyday, drive him outside”, meanwhile the woman’s husband is a software developer making millions working from home. Funnily, the much richer husband also helps a lot with the kids, being home a lot, but the pastor told the woman to drive her husband outside “if he stays home all day”.

Pastors and G.Os must return to emphasizing salvation over politics, money, and what people should do and who to marry. Even Jehovah stays away from people’s choices of wives and husbands since he got blamed by Adam for Eve. But still, pastors and G.Os feel thay will tell people who to marry and even refuse to marry some people. If I am a sickle cell carrier and my wife too is one, do you know if we have decided not to bear children or have saved up for stem cell replacement should the lottery of inheritance give us an SS baby. How dare you say you will not wed us?

That is how much these pastors and GOs have not just crept, but broken into homes, bank accounts, savings and ended up breaking homes.

God has given us all the Bible and the Holy spirit. God will not share his glory with any man, not even the GO. Discern and live your life.

Marry who you love and can live with. Many of these pastors making noise about Adam having a garden before marrying had their wives providing all the money for their households while they struggled to build their business… sorry, build the church. Their wife was the breadwinner for long periods. Now they tell women not to marry a man without a garden abi job.

And NO. The GO did not differentiate between lazy and broke. If you are jobless and broke, maybe you are not qualified to even have erection except to piss in the morning.

Everything about the church and coming from their mouths is money-related. Psssst!!!

Marry who you love and enjoy his presence. If money be everything, millionaires no go dey divorce.

If only pastors can look at the economy and begin to ask partners to understand their partners lack of a job and to love him even more now that he is down… if only that was the emphasis

People go just from God pulpit they destroy society with MAMMON philosophies and teachings.

God forbid!!!

Overrating A Job In Marriage Choices.

There is a difference between a lazy man and a jobless man.

Jobs are lost. People get FIRED!!!

Sometimes a broke husband is the greatest gift God can give to your home.

Sometimes that job by your husband is the curse and cause of his traveling, philandering, or reason he feels proud and even begins to boss you around. Sometimes, a broke man and his humility is the most loving thing to happen to a woman. Sometimes this way he is too broke to spread his sperm around and has time to fvck you very well.

But of course pastors only know money and not the reason sometimes God gives “misfortune” to the man just to keep his home.

Years ago, it was “do not marry a man you do not love.” Now it is “do not marry a man without a job”.

What if he has inheritance of serious shares in Guinness and Halliburton? What if his father set up a foundation for him? What if he has a skyscraper in Abuja that pays into his account? But he is jobless? Oh that is different? But G.O says do not marry a man without a job.

And again, So our women abroad who come home to marry their old time boyfriends and who then have to stay jobless for a while abroad till their papers are in or till they train for a job, ought not have been married in the first place? The woman should wait for the few black men in Finland with a job, as she does not want to marry oyibo?

If you cannot marry a jobless man, surely you are to divorce a man that loses his job right? It is all about Mammon sorry MONEY? G.O is literally saying a man without money is useless so if he loses his job, it is like he is trash so kick him out. He does not deserve a wife.

And what type of job is good enough anyway? Can they marry an Uber driver? What if he is not the owner of the car?

And what if he is in his final year in Medical school and you read accounting so finished earlier and you are pregnant? Oh yessss! Let us abort the baby or have the baby out of wedlock. There should be no marriage. He is jobless.

And all these divorces happening everyday even in their “bird” church, so the men do not have work as well? They are jobless?

And people blame Regina for marrying Ned Nwoko who not only has a job, he has jobs to give out. Surely Regina knows what is important after all? Right?

And since there are so many women ready for marriage and so few men with jobs, and biological clock is ticking, why not follow the endtime prediction and have 7 women marry one man, just because he has a job?

You women with good jobs and over 40 with tasking careers, continue listening to spokesmen of Mammon at your peril and not choose a man with good genes and have a baby with and have him do school runs etc as is done abroad. Be stupid about it. Do not have a husband and child sharply. Wait for a single man with a job…. single with good job at 42. Okay. Look road well well. Jesus too is coming soon.

Poverty mentality, Buhari economy, has put off our sense of WHAT TRULY MATTERS.

Ladies, if you have a job before your childhood boyfriend, that one you people fvck everytime and everywhere, if a bank or oil company employs you, fight everyone including your parents and marry that boy. See! There is nothing more important than love and sex. That your secondary school and university boyfriend you dated for so long and for free will make you happiest if you marry him than one dude you met in church with a nice job.

Many women are going back to fvck that university boyfriend because they do not love the “stranger” in their bedroom who they married because “he is ready. He works in GTB”

It is God, love, sex and understanding that keeps homes and not a working man.

Many homes thrive because one works and the other keeps the home, man or woman. Sometimes a man finally getting a job and making his own money is the worst thing to happen to marriages.

Sometimes a broke husband is the greatest gift God can give to your home.

You work and make money don’t you?

How many men think of the jobs of their wives before marrying them?
In today’s world, with women taking men’s jobs, why cannot women have house husbands to cater for her 4 children?

Again, babe! If you are working, go and marry that your school boyfriend that you people play and laugh every time and you spend the whole day GISTING with. Yes, the one your father and elder brother beat you over. It does not matter if he has a job now. Thank me later and leave pastors to value money over love, salvation, the soul and everything that truly matters.

G.O is not G.O.D.

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