NERC issues meter installation permits to Eko, Kaduna DisCo’s MAPs

NERC issues meter installation permits to Eko, Kaduna DisCo’s MAPs

Friday, May 24, 2019 7:23 am

Sam Amadi: chairman of NERC

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has issued permits to Kaduna Electricity Distribution  Company(KDEDC) and Eko Electricity Distribution Company(EKEDC)

Meter Asset Providers (MAPs), in accordance with section 4(3) of the MAP regulations NERC- R-112 of 2018.

Dr  Usman Arabi, General Manager, Public Affairs of NERC in a statement on Thursday said the  MAPs were successful in the procurements conducted by   Kaduna and Eko DisCos.

Arabi said section 4(3) of the MAP regulation 2018 required all electricity distribution  licensees to engage MAPs that  would assist, as  investors, in  closing  the  metering gap  and thus  eliminate the practice of  of estimated billing in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).

According to him, Kaduna DisCo has   appointed   Crest   Hill   Engineering   Ltd,   Holley   Metering   Ltd,   Integrated   power Nigeria Ltd and Mojec International Ltd to supply meters in its coverage areas.

He said  Eko DisCo had also appointed Armese Consulting Ltd,  Bendoricks   Integrated   Ltd,   CIG  Metering  Assets  Nigeria   Limited,   Gospel  DigitalTechnology,   Integrated   Resources   Limited,   Mojec   International   Ltd  and   Turbo   Energy Ltd  to provide meters within its  franchise under MAP.

Arabi  explained that the  commission had  directed that the rollout of meters  would commence not later than  May 1.

“Customers of these Disco’s should expect from the commencement of rollout date for meters to be installed in their premises within 10 working days of making payment to MAPs in accordance with section 18 (3) of the MAP regulations 2018.

“MAPs shall charge an upfront amount of N36,991.50 for single phase meters and N67,055.85 for three phase meters.

” These costs of meters are inclusive of supply, installation, maintenance and replacement of meters over its technical life.”

The NERC spokesperson said the  commission  shall monitor  closely  the   rollout  plan   of  distribution  licensees   and  overall compliance with  the regulations and various  service agreements by  the  MAP and  electricity distribution licensees


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