Kia, Ownership Rewards Program, Huge Discount, Old Car Owners

Kia, Ownership Rewards Program, Huge Discount, Old Car Owners

Friday, May 17, 2019 4:54 pm




By Daniels Ekugo

In a bid to reward customers for their loyalty over the years, Kia has rolled out an exclusively special program to reward its car owners with up to 25% discount on all repairs for old models. The program is aimed at offering greater value, convenience, and support to customers who have owned a KIA for five years or more. It offers waivers ranging from 15% to 25% on service cost and genuine parts. These discounted pricings are premised on the years of Kia ownership, as it progressively reduces the cost of maintenance based on the years the car has been in operation.

More often than not, old car owners are fazed with the increasing cost of ownership owing to the depreciating parts of the cars and the need to continuously replace them to keep their vehicles in top condition. To ensure that its customers have the best experience with their old cars at an incredibly affordable price, Kia has launched the Kia Ownership Rewards Program tagged KORP. The rewards program is available on parts and labor charges, basic maintenance, battery replacement, select suspension and air conditioning parts, brakes, routine service parts amongst others. Additionally, the old Kia owners will be entitled to special discounts on Bodyshop repairs and painting.

“In line with our effort to foster ‘peace of mind’ in our customers and engage them meaningfully to drive affinity with Kia through service programs that speak to them rationally and connect them emotionally to our brand with the implementation of exceptional services, we have added this value-added service, KORP to our service portfolio to drive customer satisfaction at its peak. This underscores our commitment to our brand’s global initiative, the ‘Promise to Care’; our service philosophy to offer service excellence and exceptional customer experience. We have been offering various value-added services in the last four quarters to engage our and this one is for our proud KIA owners who are enjoying their rides for a long time. This program is set to reward them throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle” said, Sanjay Tatpati, Chief Operating Officer, Kia Motors Nigeria.

Sanjay further added that “with the introduction of ‘KIA Ownership Rewards’, we are setting a new benchmark in the auto industry. This program will substantially bring down the cost of maintenance as their Kia vehicles get older. Coupled with the unbeatable quality of Kia Motors Nigeria’s aftersales service, KORP will provide greater value for our customers.”

The KORP goes the distance to deliver a more fulfilling experience for old Kia owners with discounted pricing and exceptional service delivery. Service and parts pricing flexibility and the undying resolve of Kia Motors Nigeria to always roll out customer-driven initiatives that match customers’ active lifestyle are hallmarks of the KORP. The program is Kia’s way of saying thank you to old customers for their continued trust while servicing and maintaining at the accredited service center.

KORP is a service program designed to give customers great value and keep their old vehicles in top condition. For Kia owners who had owned their car for over 5 years, the KORP service program is tailored to suit the age and mileage of the car; making life easier for owners and keeping running costs down. The program is poised to ensuring excellent value for money. Our Kia trained technicians will only use genuine Kia parts, using the Kia service tools and diagnostic equipment to the exact global standard of Kia in service delivery to customers.

Over the years, Kia prides itself as the leading auto brand with a host of owners’ loyalty initiatives that are customer-oriented. With the introduction of KORP, Kia is strengthening its place as the best auto company with not only exceptional service deliveries that exceed expectations but with affordable pricing that’s value-driven. Ownership reward programs aren’t new in the industry but Kia’s KORP caps it all by genuinely offering a program that makes the ownership experience better. The program is accessible to customers at all accredited service centres nationwide.

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