Family of lady killed in drowned car in Rivers alleges foul play

Family of lady killed in drowned car in Rivers alleges foul play

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 9:15 am

The ill-fated car with the lady trapped in it was pulled out by Julius Berger Crane on Tuesday morning. 

…Calls for autopsy, Driver is a jilted lover of dead lady

…Our family rejected him because he a married man—Emmanuel, brother


Okafor Ofiebor/Port-Harcourt

The last may not have heard about the lady killed in a Toyota car that plunged into a river when it skidded off the NLNG /Amadi Bridge last Monday’s night in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The family of the lady who was the sole victim found inside the car when it was pulled out of the river on Tuesday are alleging foul play, as they questioned how the driver of the car managed to survive the accident.

The younger brother of the victim, Emmanuel John, claimed that the man who drove the car, but survived in the supposed accident is known to the family as the supposed fiancé of the deceased.

According to Emmanuel John, “The man identified as “Oga Precious” was introduced to the family as a suitor, but the family only discovered that he was married and rejected his marriage proposal to their daughter.”

Emmanuel, who said he was shocked when his sister’s neighbours called him on Tuesday morning that some people were looking for close family members of a lady that had accident and drowned inside the creek at Amadi Ama.

He added that they raced to scene. And on getting there, they saw the rescue operations going on, so they waited like most people who were there to watch as the Julius Berger’s Crane brought out the vehicle from the river.

“We identified her and we brought her corpse to the mortuary where we were asked us to pay N90,000 before she could be embalmed and deposited at the morgue.”

He added that they asked the management of the morgue to allow an autopsy to be conducted on the body to determine if the lady truly die from an accident or was killed and deliberately drowned with the car as a cover up.

“We demanded to see the guy or run autopsy on the corpse to find out if it was actually accident, because if it was actually an accident, the guy who is also in the vehicle may not also survive it, but they guy is alive and we learnt he has given his statement.

Emmanuel alleged that since the guy is alive the family suspects a ritual killing and a cover up.

He further alleged that he might be one of the people going about killing innocent girls in Port Harcourt or playing the game of serial killing.

“If police fails to investigate, then they have a ritual killer out there on the loose.

‘’I want a proper investigation. And autopsy from the police, because if it is well arranged, the guy can kill anywhere and just put the body of his victim into a car and push it into a river as cover up. But this autopsy will tell us if the girl was killed before the accident or died as a result of the accident’’.

He, therefore, appealed to Police to help the family by conducting proper investigation into the accident.

At the time of filing this report the Police is yet to speak on their preliminary investigations on the matter.

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