Physical activities, healthy weight reduce cancer risks – Expert

Physical activities, healthy weight reduce cancer risks – Expert

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 6:55 am


Malam Murtala Aliyu, Secretary Nigeria Cancer Society, has called on the public to maintain healthy weight and be physically active through regular exercises to avoid the risk of various types of cancer.

Aliyu stated this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Gombe on Monday.

He said several studies had shown that physical activity helped in controlling unnecessary weight, which in turn lowered the risk of cancer.

He said that people should also watch the types of food they took, base their diets on fruits, vegetables and food from plant sources, as well as avoid eating processed meat excessively.

He said people should also limit the number of their sexual partners to avoid the risk of prostrate and cancer of the cervix, particularly those above 40 years.

Aliyu said that Hepatitis B could also increase the risk of developing cancer of the liver.

He advised people to reduce intake of alcohol, quit smoking and avoid taking drugs without prescription because they were capable of affecting the liver.

The secretary also emphasised the need for self examination of the breast and timely report to hospital of any noticeable change such as discharge, irritation and swollen breast.

According to him, the Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe, is screening various types of cancer and people should endeavour to visit the hospital

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