Oyo Govt. to Provide Palliative Works on Moniya-Iseyin Road

Oyo Govt. to Provide Palliative Works on Moniya-Iseyin Road

Thursday, October 3, 2019 3:58 am

Moniya Iseyin Road

Gbenro Adesina/Ibadan

Oyo State Commissioner for Public Works, Infrastructure and Transportation, Professor Raphael Afonja has shown concern over the deplorable state of the Moniya-Iseyin Road, assuring the residents and motorists of the area that palliative works would soon start on the road.

Afonja, who sought for the understanding of the users of the road pending when the road would be fixed pointed out that Governor Seyi Makinde was fully aware of the importance of the road to the state, stressing that it would be fixed in the shortest time.

He said, “We’re aware of the struggles and pains people pass through on this road daily and we’re sorry for this. The Governor has the interest of the people at heart and has ordered that palliative measures be carried out speedily pending when the arrangements with the contractor will be finalized. We are to roll out palliative measures to ease the pain of the people on this road very soon and this is in the interim till the re-awarded contract is finalized and the contractor moves to site. We are very sorry for the condition of the road and will start work on it without delay, especially to make it less difficult to travel on”.

Moniya Iseyin Road

He added that the road which had earlier been contracted out by previous administration was terminated by the present administration as the former handler of the road project was not forth coming with the project and it has been re-awarded to another contractor which would commence work in earnest on the road.

The commuters and motorists plying the road who were happy at the site of government officials to inspect the road appealed to Governor Makinde to expedite action on the road as they could no longer carry out their daily business smoothly because of the bad state of the road.

They added that a part of the road which was formerly called Odo Oba was now referred to as “border” because people coming from neighboring towns like Ijaye, Alabata could no longer enter Ibadan with their vehicles as they have to park somewhere and continue their journey with motorcycles.

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    Thank u oyo state government please help us work on it on time

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