History of Arabic Inscription on the Army Badge!

History of Arabic Inscription on the Army Badge!

Thursday, May 14, 2020 3:47 am

David Ejoor (on his book) and Nigerian Army badge

By David Ejoor

” In the colonial days, the cap badge of the army was a palm tree. This could be interpreted to represent the wealth of the country which the British were to exploit. For that reason, the palm tree had to go. Besides, the Action Group party had a palm tree as its symbol, and it was important that the army and a political party should not have the same symbol. My job was to seek a new meaningful design for the cap badge of the Nigerian Army. I set to work.”

 “In seeking a new design, I was anxious that the symbol should reflect the duty of the army and should be capable of inspiring officers and men. As I searched, I remembered the battle between the British and the Sokoto forces in 1903. At that battle, the Sokoto forces had carried the Sultan’s flag with an Arabic inscription on it. That Arabic inscription I learnt meant, “VICTORY IS FROM GOD ALONE”. This, I thought was an excellent symbol that had meaning and could inspire. What is more, the British had themselves incorporated the symbol into the regimental colour which the Nigerian Regiment carried on parade. I decided to incorporate the Arabic INSCRIPTION INTO THE CAP BADGE TO REPRESENT DEFENCE…”

 Next, I searched for a symbol that would depict unity. I found and answer in Lugard’s interlaced triangles which he designed at the amalgamation to represent the coming together of NORTHERN and SOUTHERN NIGERIA. In choosing this symbol for the Nigerian Army cap badge, I hoped it would remind the Nigerian Soldier that his duty was to defend the unity and integrity of his country. I now had two symbols representing DEFENCE AND UNITY.”

General David Ejoor, in Reminiscences, page 16


See the relevant portion in the book below:


Culled from Olajide Abiola and Temitope Ajayi’s walls.



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