Blasphemy: Christians demand for apology from Gov. Bello’s CoS

Blasphemy: Christians demand for apology from Gov. Bello’s CoS

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 11:00 pm

Rev. Dr. Samson Ayokunle: CAN President

Many Christians including Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Okehi chapter, Evangelist Job Apana, have called on the Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor, Mr. Abdulkareem Jamiu Asuku to tender a public apology for making disparaging remarks against Christianity and painting it’s adherents as divisive

Reacting to statements made by Asuku on Radio Kogi, 93.5 FM on Monday, Apana described the Chief of Staff’s comparism of Christianity with the ongoing squabbles between the Muslim ummah in Ebiraland as a misnomer, according to kogi Reports.

“His outburst in the radio was like he had been looking for an opportunity to insult and berate us, so he now exploited this unwholesome situation.

“He also erred in his claims on different sects in Islam as if the practice is peculiar to Anebira Muslims. Islamic sects have always existed. In the history of West Africa during my Teachers’ College days we were taught in the Mali, Songhai and Kanemi-Bornu empires that there were two broad Islamic sects namely: Tijjania and Quadraniya. Even the Usman Dan Fodio jihad of 1804 was fought on this premise.

“Today in Nigeria we have the Ahmadiyya, NASFAT, El-Zakyzaky group among others. Did all of these emanate from Ebiraland? No!

“Whenever there is a problem, what leaders should do is to mediate to ensure peaceful resolution and co-existence of the people and not taking sides and dabbling into issues that are not even connected. We deserve your unreserved public apology,” he said.

In his reaction, another cleric from Kogi Central axis, Venerable Moses Suberu called on Asuku to apologize to the Christian community publicly and write to the church leaders asking for forgiveness.

Suberu noted that the Christian community in Ebiraland has supported the government of Governor Yahaya Bello despite being sidelined. “Your honour, I think a right thinking man will agree that your radio outblast against the Christian body is so mean, hateful and absurd. And without mincing words, you need to apologize to the Christian body publicly.

“The unrest between the Muslim Ulmah is not what you can relate with the Christian body. Your comments show the degree of hatred you have for Christians in the land and it’s so evident in the appointment made by the government from Kogi Central. 

“May I call your attention to the fact that all the appointment made since the inception of GYB government have obviously eluded the Christian faith from the central and there have never been any protest or rancor to that. The Christian community have taken it lightly and have followed the progress of GYB.

 “How come you have the mind and effrontery to blast the Christian community on radio with such utterances, probably not been guided. I think you didn’t do your home work well before speaking to the public. The Christian community have never and will never be a cause to war, rift or riot in the land. 

“The only way for you to redeem your image in the heart of the Christian in the land is to apologize to the Christian community publicly and write to the church leader asking for forgiveness otherwise tomorrow is waiting for you maybe politically or otherwise. God bless you if humility is found in you,” he stated.

Asuku had during a radio programme described Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity as a Muslim who preached the oneness of God but his followers break up into denominations.

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  • PaulLuka says:

    When u read the full verse of Deut:6 to the end. U will end up becaming Christian because Mohammadu told u if you’re confused about the Quran u read goto the Christians. But not to be beaten about the Bush..
    Confess your sin and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior.

  • God is Great says:

    Asukko or Nkwobi please remind me your name. You are a goat with fry pan head for that blasphemy if it was ur , multiple wives MOHAMMED that was blasphamed, the whole state will have gone on crisis. Why won’t a baby leader, an opportunist power intoxicant not misbehave, didn’t you attend leadership training before your appointment into public office so as to guide you on how to speak in public? “Woe unto a city who appoints a baby as their leader….” Your unguided statements shows you lack wisdom and I beseech you to pray to God for it. .What qualifies you to teach the bible? Did you enrol into Bible College? Hear this ” the right Hand of God is Mightier in Power to Destroy His Enemies into Pieces”. My candid advice for you is to seek God’s forgiveness before it is too late because if God comes for you even your Boss will not be able to do anything to salvage your situation

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