South West Cattle Breeding: A Vision Aborted

South West Cattle Breeding: A Vision Aborted

Saturday, August 8, 2020 10:15 am

Ndama cattle

By Babafemi Ojudu

A must watch for those truly interested in the development of our country . Some people were on the path of doing it, some folks aborted it. This is the story of an elaborate agricultural project to breed cattle ( and other animals ) across the South West for the consumption of her people and for export . The project conceived by Awolowo was successful and achieving its purpose until the military struck and the project killed. 


-Watch the video (rendered in Yoruba but paraphrased in this piece) by Professor Adewumi Taiwo here


I was particularly shocked and baffled by the part that says when the military took over power ,the government in Ibadan, rather than continue the process of cattle breeding that was initiated by Awolowo and was yielding result regularly sent  their men to the ranch to take the grandparent stock used to breed the parents stock that bred the commercial stock and slaughter for consumption at their parties until that vision was destroyed by their greed and lack of vision .  

The abandoned ranches with their dilapidated equipment lie postrate across the SW. As a young man grown up in Ado Ekiti I use to go take a look at the beautiful cows grazing at Erifun . It was like an excursion. We used  to call them Elila. 

They were Ndama breed from Mali. Hornless they were known to be strong that they could survive the elements in our environment. Well fed they could weigh as much as 600kg as opposed White Fulani stock that weighs between 250 to 300kg. Incidentally that  ranch has now been turned to a golf club.

We hope one day our governors will have the presence of mind to  go back to this period and revive this idea that portends big opportunity for our country in the animal breeding value chain.

– Babafemi Ojudu, Special Adviser, Political Matters, The Presidency

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