Mrs Femi Oluboyede releases 2 Christian Books

Mrs Femi Oluboyede releases 2 Christian Books

Thursday, November 5, 2020 5:42 pm

L-R, Mrs Femi Oluboyede, Thy Will Be done and The Honey Pot

Mrs Olufemi Oluboyede has just released two Christian books, Thy Will Be Done and The Honey Pot. These two came at a time when immorality has made many young men and ladies to compromise faith and existential considerations have reduced the power of prayer in many.

 On The Honey Pot, Oluboyede told TheNEWS: “We have been told how sexual immorality is a grave sin against God. Absolutely true, but that is not all. This book tells us how it affects us personally, the creative power hidden in sexual intimacy and how it can be wasted if abused. It also touches on an historical sin of past generation in Nigeria and how it has brought about a raging age of sexual decadence and negative effect on the youth. You remember #LazyYouth, right? Grab your copy as you join me in this discovery ride to explore God’s secret plan for us all as regards sexual intimacy. God bless you real big.”

She spoke on the other book, Thy Will Be Done. She explained:Jesus, when he was teaching his disciples how to pray in Mathew 6: 7-13 said

in this manner therefore, pray.

Our father, who art in heaven

Hallowed be Thy name

Thy will be done on earth

As it is in heaven”.

 In other words, the Word of God, according to Oluboyede, is the Will of God. “When we pray the word of God, we are affirming our acceptance for the will of God to be done in our lives. This book contains prayer from all the letters in the New Testament. Get your copy, join me in praying the will of God to be done in your live and experience an amazing transformation.”

Motivation for The Books

She said: “To be honest, this is more of divine assignment than physical motivation. I remember praying as a teenager that no matter what happens, Lord please, let me fulfil the purpose that you created me for. It is an unusual prayer for a teenager, and I believe this was birthed in me by the Spirit of God. His word says, “He works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure”.

When God told me, I would write these books, I was scared because I don’t like writing. I just love reading. When the time was right, he prompted me to start the writing and the main target audience is the Nigerian youth.

The two books started few months after the protest of #LazyYouth. As I mentioned in the book, the whole protest and talk about President Buhari’s statement was very heavy on my heart and refuse to clear off. I then knew God was calling my attention to something regarding the matter, so I started talking to Him about it in the place of prayer till He gave me direction which gave birth to these two books.

The first to be written was Thy Will be done. This is to equip the youth with spiritual foundation so when they are empowered, they too will not fall into the errors that our leaders fell into. After that is The Honey Pot that addresses the sour grape that was bitten by our leader and how the teeth of the youth are now set on edge. However, God’s great grace is upon this generation and He is ready to rain down His mercy if they can forsake their ungodly ways and turn to Him.”

The Challenges She Faced :

My major challenge regarding this assignment is the high degree of sexual immorality both within and outside religious bodies without any form of shame or remorse. That is where God has chosen to start the pruning of Nigeria youth! This is an assignment beyond any human power or understanding but my confidence lies in His word that says “Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth” Psalm 110:3 King James Version. God will do what He has spoken! There will be a lot of shaking at first but Nigeria will be settled by God.

 Oluboyede, a Procurement personnel with over 13 years of experience from Oil and Gas, Telecom and Power and Energy sectors had her first degree in Accounting from The federal Polytechnic, Ilaro. Ogun State and MBA in Management, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana. She was, in 2017, a  member of 2017 Hall of Fame –Procurement Learning.

She served as volunteer leader in her local church, Kingsway International Christian Centre, Lagos in youth ministry (Drama, Music and Expression).


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