CUSTECH: Former NMA President queries capacity of Kogi to fund 2 universities

CUSTECH: Former NMA President queries capacity of Kogi to fund 2 universities

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 8:34 am

Dr Idris Omede

Former National President of Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), and immediate past Kogi Commissioner for Health, Dr Omede Idris has queried the ability of the state government to run two universities.

He also said it will be unprofitable and needless for Kogi state to run medicine programme in two of its institutions as being planned by the state government.

According to him, the new College of Medicine in Confluence University of Science and Technology, CUSTECH Osara will amount to duplication of efforts by the state government, rather than giving more desired attention to the existing one in Prince Abubakar Audu University Anyigba.

Dr Omede spoke when reacting to the submission of report towards the establishment of a new College of Medicine in the new institution.

“What happens to the college of Medicine in Prince Abubakar Audu University ( PAAU or KSU) and the University Teaching Hospital at Anyigba. This is a cause for major concern by key players in the progress of Kogi state. What becomes of the students there?

“Can the state rightly embark on two university projects? Or the intent is for one to go into attrition as a result of government disinterest in PAAU courses? We ask questions to get answer, that is the responsibility of government to the people.

“Singing praises for this type of affront is inhumane and calamitous and self serving. Quite unfortunate, sad and distasteful. The former Commissioner for Health called for restraint from the state government over its decision, saying running similar programmes in two state institutions is economically and professionally not viable.

“Truly, can Kogi state government, manage and finance two state government owned Universities, or it’s another process in putting unsuspecting students and parents in perpetual limbo of accreditation challenges.

“Without much ado, this is an anathema in our nation. Not even heavily financially and economically endowed states in Nigeria have dared that.

“Kogi State, this is unfair. Here is where a “stitch in time does not save nine”. We won’t just continue to watch this disservice to the state and the people.”

Dr Omede Idris asked the Kogi state government to rescind it’s decision in the interest of good governance and prudent Management of state resources.

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