Why I’m neither a Christian nor a Muslim – Ajai Lycett

Why I’m neither a Christian nor a Muslim – Ajai Lycett

Monday, March 1, 2021 8:40 pm

Taiwo Ajai-Lycett. Photo by Ayo Efunla

By Nehru Odeh

Veteran Nigerian actress, Taiwo Ajai- Lycett, has opened up on why she is neither a Christian nor a Muslim. According to her, she is against organized religion because not only does it lobotomizes people, making them not to think straight, but it also creates fear in their minds.

The actress, who turned 80 recently, made this disclosure in an exclusive interview with TheNEWS to mark her 80th birthday. Asked what she was since she was neither a Christian nor a Muslim, Ajai-Lycett said:

“I’m against organized religion, the kind of religion that are lobotomizing people; that are creating fear in their minds. They are making everybody become religious they can’t think straight.

“Everybody else is going to mars and the moon and everything, we are crying ‘Jesus Jesus.’ It’s bankrupt. Rubbish. That’s idleness. All the things we‘ve said, have you not seen the hand of God in my life?”

However, the actress said she believes there is a universal force behind creation not because she was told about it but because she had experienced the universal intelligence turned her life around. She narrated how though she was pregnant at 15 and rejected by her parents, she braced herself up and the universal force turned her misfortune into fortune. Not only did she relocated to the United Kingdom, she ended up building a career and becoming a famous actress there and in Nigeria.

“I know. It’s not maybe. I don’t think about it. I know. Because a 16 year old, a 20 year old couldn’t be making the kind of decision I was making.  I was not a genius. I was not a particularly gifted child. Like being an actor now.

Ajai-Lycett, who became an actress via a chance encounter with the director of Wole Soyinka’s Lion and the Jewel –a play in which she debuted as an actress – while waiting to keep an appointment with a man who was “toasting” her in London,  said the Universal Intelligence must have had a hand in her not just becoming an actor but also making a success of it.

“See how I became an actor. What’s that all about? And I end up here now. Who’s that clever? Who’s that kind of architect that can sort of build the kind of life that I have now?  There has to be a force. I don’t think we can argue that there is a force because how do we all appear? Is it because of our sperm? And here we are talking.

The veteran actress also said she does need to go to church to believe that there is a universal intelligence.

”Oh yes. I don’t need to go to church to tell me that. I’m living it. It’s going on in my life. What religion teaches is fear. Go and listen to what they are saying: “Anybody who is in the way of my promotion, fire! God kill them!” Which God is it you are worshiping? The God who created you and me is going to hear me say that He should kill you. What kind of Father God is that? That’s what they do in churches,” she maintained.

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