Lagos Yoruba Nation rally: APC UK sends message to Ighoho

Lagos Yoruba Nation rally: APC UK sends message to Ighoho

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 3:24 pm

APC UK Chairman, Dr Phillip Idaewor

APC UK Chairman, Dr Phillip Idaewor

By Chioma Ugboma

The All Progressives Congress (APC), UK Chapter, has urged Yoruba Nation agitator, Mr Sunday Igboho, to shelve a planned rally in Lagos State, billed for July 3.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho, says he was going ahead with the planned “Yoruba Nation” rally, scheduled for Ojota Park in  Lagos.

Ighoho who said he had held similar peaceful rallies in Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, said nobody could  stop the agitators from storming Lagos.

Chairman of APC UK, Dr Phillip Idaewor, in a statement on Tuesday, said there were other ways for the group to channel their agitations rather than engage in a rally that might be hijacked by hoodlums to unleash terror on Lagos  residents.

“We are not opposed to the ideas of making Nigeria work better for the many and not the few. Indeed our party promised restructuring of Nigeria in our manifesto and it is our view that this remains the best course of action to reclaim the narrative from citizens who now feel alienated both from the government and country.

“Considering the state of insecurity that the government is battling across the country,  we feel that the rally is ill-timed. No doubt, people have rights all over the world to peaceful protests but the situation in the country is such that all efforts must be geared to stop any gathering or association that may further worsen the security situation in the country.

“Lagos as the commercial nerve center in Nigeria needs to be protected from the possibility of any planned protests which can be hijacked to cause destruction of businesses and state infrastructure. Lagos is home to Nigerians of all tribes across the country.

“We urge Yoruba youths and supporters of Ighoho to encourage him to pull back on this mission as it may lead to loss of lives and destruction of property. Our main concern is about our Lagos.

“So far, Lagos has been peaceful and the peaceful coexistence amongst Nigerians in the state must be preserved no matter what it takes,” he said.

Idaewor urged leaders of thought and Yoruba elders to continue to engage with the leadership of Yoruba youths, including Igboho to ensure that he did not lead innocent youths on any unnecessary project of destruction.

“We believe in one Nigeria and we must not allow those calling for its breakup to tear us apart irrespective of challenges currently faced by the nation,” he said.

He said that a politically just and equitable Nigerian state would be an asset to Nigerians and the black race.

“This is the historical beckoning to Nigerians to keep working hard towards a united country.

“As diaspora Nigerians we know from the experience of mixing with people from around the world, that Africa more than ever before, needs Nigeria to become a strong, stable and prosperous country.

“We, therefore, continue to encourage dialogue between the government and the people to identify and resolve our country’s intractable political problems,” he added.

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One Comment

  • Eniola Martins says:

    I am not surprise of this action from APC, they are out of date and too arrogant to see beneath their nose, they are led by blind leader while the followers are deaf and have learning disability if not they should know that the World has move on from being tricked out of their senses.
    It is not by force to stay together, l am one of the people that will not let them push us any longer.
    know this for sure, it is not just Igboho but ALL MEANINGFUL YORUBAS

    Our time has come!

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