NCC impounds broadcast materials in Anambra

NCC impounds broadcast materials in Anambra

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 8:17 am

NCC headquarters in Abuja

Mr Augustine Amodu , Director of Enforcement, Nigeria Copyright Commission(NCC), says the commission has impounded broadcast materials worth more than N5.5 million from suspected pirates during an anti piracy raid in Anambra state.

Amodu disclosed on Monday at a news conference in Awka.

He said that the raid carried out at Onitsha and Nnew, was due to several complaints from the owners of the broadcast materials over the infringement by illegal users, especially on international matches like English premiership among others.

Amodu said the items seized and destroyed in Onitsha was valued at more than N4 million which, included decoders, dishes, wires, senders and cables.

He said that items impounded at Nnewi were valued at more than N1.5 million, made up of wires, cables, and satellite dishes.

According to the Director, the pirates easily return to the business shortly after the raids because they are unrepentant .

Amodu said that the operatives of the Commission had conducted raids in Enugu, Benin, Warri, Sapele, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, Umuahia and Owerri to clamp down on pirates and illegal distributors of broadcast signals.

He assured that the raids would be continuous.

He said that the pirates used the decoders to redistribute broadcast signals to more than 3,000 houses within their vicinity, collecting as much as two thousand to three thousand naira from such subscribers.

Amodu commended the Police for providing the back-up to the commission to carry out its statutory mandate.


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