Senator Hussain says PDP candidate ignorant of how APC saved his late brother from humiliation

Senator Hussain says PDP candidate ignorant of how APC saved his late brother from humiliation

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 8:02 pm

Senator Mudashir Oyetunde Hussain

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress for the July 8 senatorial by-election, Senator Mudashir Hussain, on Tuesday, said the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party for the election, Mr. Ademola Adeleke is incompetent to speak on the negotiations that rescued his late brother Senator Isiaka Adeleke in 2014.

Hussain, in a statement made available by his Media Aide, Kamil Opeyemi in Osogbo said Adeleke’s assertion in a live radio program on the Rave FM where claimed that his late brother was not a beneficiary of his large heart and obedience to party’s position was a bunkum.

“For Senator Adeleke’s brother Ademola to come out today and claim that he did not step down for his late brother is a clear indication that he is totally ignorant of the issues that led to his brother coming to the APC from the PDP where he and his loyalists had been disgraced.

“Has he forgotten so soon how a serving minister of police affairs at the time who was a loyalist of Omisore threatened to beat him to coma but for what he knew was Adeleke’s poor health then?

“If he is so sure that their family’s so-called empowerment of Ede people or Osun West people were so strong enough to win him election, why not stay in PDP and fight it out?

“The results of previous elections in our zone are there for all to see. I defeated his late brother before. In 2015, I was asked by the party to release the ticket for him to return to the senate. As a loyal party man, I carry that responsibility to help my party in whatever it would take for it to win positions in order to better the lots of our people. I could not have done otherwise.”

The statement further said Adeleke’s statements on the live radio program already showed the strategy of deceit being employed by the PDP candidate.

“Why is he announcing a N250m scholarship scheme for Osun West students now? Why not before? If he had so much money and was ready to help, why at the point of using his brother’s shadow to deceive the people?

“We have said and we mean it, humiliating defeat awaits Adeleke come July 8, 2017. Adele accused some people that they are Lagos-based! How else does a candidate prove to be shallow? Assuming we are Lagos-based, where is he based. He is based in America. What knowledge of the Osun west does he possess to know what really are their needs?” The statement concluded


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