Warning! Redemption Camp now under CCTV surveillance – Adeboye

Warning! Redemption Camp now under CCTV surveillance – Adeboye

Saturday, January 4, 2020 6:30 am

Pastor Adeboye ministering. Photo by Segun Komolafe

Redemption Camp

Pasture E. A Adeboye, the General Overseer, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) disclosed at the Friday 3 January Holy Ghost Service, that the RCCG camp is now covered by Close Circuit Television. This is to prevent crimes.

He told the congregation that the revelation was necessary because the law insisted on it. Adeboye told the worshippers that the camp is no longer the usual place they used to know.

To buttress the effectiveness of the gadgets, the Pastor narrated when he visited the control room to pray over the facility how criminals were caught.

In his words: “The people showed me what they had been doing. There was a man who went into the old auditorium, put his hand in the offering box and started stuffing envelopes containing tithes, offerings and first fruits on his pocket. He was being watched from the control room. The officials there called the nearest security men on motorbikes. The accosted the man and asked that they wanted to see his pocket. He was apprehended.”

He told another story of a man who wanted to steal from a packed car. He was caught .

The work on this Camp began in 1983, the Auditorium, Dormitories and other structures were, as published on city.rccgnet, built for the annual convention of that year. 

“The General Overseer moved in on the 1st October 1985, and the work on the camp has continued since then because of the cooperation of the Elders, Pastors, Ministers, Workers and the wonderful congregation of the church, as all of them have been faithfully committed to the expansion going on here.Before moving to the camp, there were a lot of problems getting such a place. A family offered land at Alakuko, but it was not conducive for what the G.O had in mind.

When the G.O finally settled down for this place, everyone agreed with him, To begin with, the place was found out to be somewhere easy to relocate to and accessible to members who would come from Abeokuta, Ibadan, Ilesa, Ilorin, Akure and other places.Living there was initially out of mind, all that was planned was somewhere that would accommodate church members during conventions.

The place was a forest occupied mainly by snakes and other dangerous animals. The Lagos-Ibadan expressway was under construction then and was very notorious because of the activities of armed robbers. The villages did not give much problems, Of course both parties had the initial problem of getting used to each other in order to tolerate each other, but the Lord gave the wisdom to commence evangelization work immediately.

The wife of the General Overseer, Pastor Folu Adeboye led the team of Evangelists who went round all the adjoining villages, while dealing with them in love. The result is that almost all the villages now have a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, and some of the villagers have even become pastors in the church. What is being experienced in the camp (CITY) now is the manifestation of a prophetic statement uttered by the General 

Overseer himself when he was staying in a one-room apartment given to him by the late founder of the church as some of the Elders were worrid about the accommodation the G.O was using. The issues of the G.O’s accommodation came up during a meeting and the G.O told them that his Daddy (God Almighty) would give him a city, The elders did not understand at that time as they were praying for a flat or a bungalow, or even a duplex at the very best, and he came up with a city. The rest is now History.

There is no place as peaceful and secure as the Redemption camp. The General Overseer has directed that the place be referred to as a City, so We all call it REDEMPTION CAMP.”

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